Bidding 101

To bid on auction items online or at the event you must first register for tickets online. After registering you will receive a text message with a link that will bring you to Greater Giving’s PS 234 Spring Auction home page. Now, start your bidding!

It is now easier than ever to bid on your favorite items at the auction. Like last year, no more bidding devices! Instead, we will be using our own, personal smartphones to bid, so make sure you come to the auction with your phones fully charged!!

How to Use your Smartphone to Bid at the Spring Auction:

Follow these tips, or watch a brief 1-minute tutorial here.

When you register with your mobile number:

  • You will receive a text message from Greater Giving.
  • Tap the link on your screen – it will open your browser and take you directly to the bidder interface.
  • To verify your name, tap the YES button.
  • Search packages by number, keyword, or category and select your action (Details/Bid, etc.)
  • You can bid the next increment, “watch” packages, or set a max bid.
  • If your max bid is the highest, the system will automatically bid in your favor until you are outbid or the silent auction closes.
  • If you are outbid, you will receive an “outbid text message.”
  • To go to the list of bids and open items you are currently winning, tap the My List button.
  • To find out what packages have no bids, tap the No Bid Packages button.

Happy Bidding!